It is only fitting that the birthplace of reggae music, has produced yet another artist with many stories to tell, with a voice that is in-tuned to the plight of the poor and less fortunate. A throwback to when music had a message and a purpose. ChilliRootz, born in Palmers Cross, Clarendon, was brought up within a single parent household. This experience gave him a front seat view of what poverty really entails.

ChilliRootz was drawn to music in his early teens by stealing out of his home late at night to catch live performances by nearby Sound Systems (Supa J. and Body Guard). After completing High School, he wanted to pursue a career in Football (Soccer), against his mom’s advice, who wanted him to attend College even though it would have put a financial strain on her pocket. While deciding on what move he should make, he occupied the time by penning his first lyrics. This was all the enlightenment he needed to reveal him to his musical talents.

In late 2000 ChilliRootz migrated to Canada. He was exposed to its multi-cultural African Diaspora. He promptly embarked on a quest to study all he could about his African heritage and roots, which eventually became the impetus for his more conscious lyrics. As a former member of the Deejay crew Eternal Sound, ChilliRootz honed the craft of performing in front of large crowds. Community radio has been instrumental in exposing his music to the masses as well as creating a fast growing fan base. On his February 2006, Humber College showcase before smart discerning students, it was a watershed performance. There is no doubt all was impressed with the showmanship and talent. One writer hailed ChilliRootz as the Ghetto Youth’s Ambassador of Consciousness.

With Bob Marley and Peter Tosh as his two main influences he is well on his way to charting his own musical destiny.

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